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Does It Matter?

Last night as I was editing a graphic work, my little sis came into my room just to chat a little – that’s her way, before going to bed, of getting connected with me, and I never ask her why but only making jest like “Do you miss me or what?” She always takes a fancy to cellphones, my PSP, computers, and even “created” a fake notebook with a broken, steel-made color pencil case so she can be “one of us.”

Standing next to me, all of a sudden  (that’s also one of her little ways) she started fiddling with the keyboards – she just couldn’t help herself – I jumped up and shouted “What are you doing?!”

She questioned me with “Does that matter?”

“OF COURSE it matters!!!”

No, family matters more.” – she replied with a naive and casual tone, then went downstairs, leaving me wondering “Well, ain’t that a kick in the head…”

What a kid, and she just turns 8.


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