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Back again

This blog has long been neglected, on purpose, or just out of forgetfulness; but since the desire and habit of reading and keeping a journal (physical diary and pen) have been working together so harmoniously — maybe the thoughts that I’m on a different, imaginary phase of life plays a part in this as well — I think it would be a nice idea to keep this blog alive, at least for the present. The thought of no audience used to bothered me, but no more; I kind of realize that what’s even worse is that I am the one who rudely, pitilessly and harmfully ignore myself, and that could have been a sin, a guilt (I don’t really know the difference).

Yesterday when I was sitting and reading Fernando Pessoa in the local library, my absent-mindedness carried my sight to my left hand, to my surprise I don’t remember when is the last time I really take a good look at myself and that made my heart sink for a couple of seconds, and then it feels like I have suddenly become so small, unimportant yet my consciousness grew so rich and free — even just temporarily.

Pray, let the time keeps going slowly, silently, ’cause I’m going with it, as long as I’m breathing.


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