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詩: 五點十分

可惜連個入圍的機會也沒 很少寫中文作品 但這篇至少有我想傳達的意念
至於韻味呢 留給你品嘗

I spent some time finishing this bad poem for a contest, with “Ocean, MRT and Happiness” as themes. Of course I didn’t make it to the TOP, I guess it’s because I rarely write in Chinese, at least it carries the emotion and thought I try to express. As for doing an English version? No way I’m capable of doing that without losing the beauty of Chinese language.

五點零二分 我還在等待
五點零六分 我還走在
紅光 綠燈 街角 轉身
你已站在出口那 五點零九分
列車班班 又準又快
我的焦慮與不安 只愁耗在那人擠人的冷飲站
你問 現在幾點了
我答 五點又十分


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