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Verse: Jump and Run

Good thing that a chance visitor of my other blog reminds me that I have composed a nice little piece of verse like this. Thanks to Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, I actually managed to write some nonsense myself, and part of fun is that you work really hard to pick the perfect words for the rhyme, kind of like playing tennis: you keep adjusting grips and stance so you can have that perfect swing awing and wowing your opponent and the audience game after game. 😉 This work is also a welcome alternative to my other work, Where are you going, Mr. Time.

I long to jump, I wanna run
To be far away from my mom,
And out of sight of that stupid town
That deprives me of so much fun.

I’ve got to run, I have jumped
As high and wild as none has done.
If you are the next to come,
My foot will send you to the ground.

See how great it is to jump and run?
Better try it as soon as you can.
The time is running and has gone,
Mercy aint’ granted for guys in tombs.


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