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There is a first for everything…

So here I am, starting a new webblog exclusively for my writing and expecting nothing dramatic at all. My attitude about writing is quite similar with that of the Argentinian writer, Jorge Luis Borges, who thinks that what he’s read matters more than what he has written. Consequently, not only I give my blog an odd name, but my idea and ideal for my writing will always be the same: for the pleasure of those who read, and for me.


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  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Anyone who cites Borges is all right in my books. Every time someone wins a Nobel Prize for Literature I recall that neither Borges nor Celine won, largely because of their politics (the Nobel Committee like to stress their rather liberal roots). I loved it when Doris Lessing refused to be swayed by the Committee’s depiction of her as the “epicist of female experience”– like any great author, she knows her writing is meant to be universal. Good on ya, Doris..,

    And good luck to YOU, fellow blogger, with your reading and writing…

  2. Ian Yang says:

    Hi Cliff, I’m not so sure if I’m gonna read Lessing’s works simply because she won the prize. I heard that her books are more readable for intellectuals, if that is true, I still stick to my Montaigne, Walter Scott, Austen, Mark Twain and Edward Lear – I’m more into the library of dead men. 😉

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